Raku Raku Hand

Raku Raku Hand is work saving equipment that makes handling operation (transfer of heavy loads) easier.
Raku Raku Hand not only solves problems in the working area but also eliminates heavy injuries due to load lifting work

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For Example

1. Safety and secure work
    a) Raku Raku Hand is the best tool by allowing the operator to smoothly              guide each and every movement.
    b) Raku Raku Hand prevents drop of arm when power supply fails – this is          standard safety function.
    c) Equipped with various safety functions to protect operator. (ex. Low                voltage,safety confirmation indicator, double-safety interlock)

2. Hard work made easy

     a) Lifting product by using a motor or pneumatic cylinder.
     b) Operational force is very light.
     c) One operator is able to handle many kinds of heavy products.

3. Easy operation

      a) Our team can design the most suitable gripper to fit your needs.
      b) A specialist is not required to operate the Raku Raku Hand because of            its simple operation procedure.
      c) Our design is easy enough for any sized operators.

4. Confort
       a) Gripper is designed for maximum comfort and easiest accessible                   switches.
       b) Raku Raku Hand is designed and located for the most efficient work               space.
       c) Bad posture and excessive physical burden are improved by using the
           Raku Raku Hand.


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Pneumatic Type

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